Child Rescue Alert issued

The first ever national Child Rescue Alert was issued recently when a 14 year old girl went missing from her home. Police issued the alert as they believed she could be in imminent danger…

Happily, she was found and reunited, unharmed, with her family the following morning.

A great outcome – and a great example of why everyone should register for this free service and download the free app, available for Apple iOS and Android devices free of charge.

You just might help save a child’s life and that on its own should be reason enough! to register.






No cost, no advertising, no hassle. It is the UK version of the American ‘Amber Alert’ system which has saved thousands of abducted children over the years.

Do your part – sign up today!


Published by denisebaines

OFSTED Registered Childminder in the UK. Graded 'Oustanding' in all areas.

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