Food and Food Hygiene

Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating
Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating

I am a qualified chef and take pride in providing a healthy and varied diet within my setting, encouraging the children to eat fruit and healthy snacks and not allowing sweets etc. within the setting.

The meals I provide form a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet, with vegetables and fresh produce being the mainstay.

When a child starts at my setting I always obtain from the parents as much information as possible about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies. This includes the parent completing my Food Allergens Checklist (see below) which outlines the 14 most common allergens and ensures that I am aware of any allergic reactions a child might be prone to so that I can take this into account in preparing meals and snacks for them.

I am fully aware of the Food Allergens requirements and have ensured that my setting fully complies with these, including displaying a poster outlining the 14 common allergens, informing the parents of the requirements and having them complete the Food Allergens Checklist mentioned above.

I have also completed the required Food Hygiene Certificate Training and passed the examination required to become certified.

I am registered with the Food Hygiene Agency, completing all the required questionnaires etc. followed by an inspection from the Environmental Health Officer to check the standards within my setting itself. I am pleased to report that this inspection resulted in my gaining a Level 5 Hygiene Rating, the highest level possible.


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