2019 – Spring

Hi everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of 2019!

Let me start by saying a huge Thank You to you all for the wonderful presents and cards that you gave me at Christmas. I have already enjoyed many of these but still have several vouchers that I have yet to use and am looking forward to doing so soon.

It was great to see so many of the children and parents attend the Christmas Party at Little Monsters where they all seemed to have so much fun. Our Party Leader, Kieran, was excellent and the children really enjoyed the activities and fun he organised for them

This term’s topic is:


We will be concentrating many of our crafts and activities around this subject.

Family News… 

So much has been happening it is difficult to know where to start…

Obviously, a huge thing this year is Tiffany’s wedding to Callum (her fiancé not her brother!) in September and all the planning for that. She will be getting married at her local church in Sudbury followed by a reception at the Stoke-by-Nayland Hotel & Spa before jetting off to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon.

Declan & Emily have settled nicely into their new house on the Woodlands, Dunmow with their two Cockapoos, Barney & Roo. They often bring them round to us and the children love seeing the dogs and petting them.

Kieran & Cat have also settled well into their new home in Sudbury, not far from Tiffany & Callum (confusing isn’t it?) and I enjoy having Jacob each Monday. He loves seeing the after-school children and they all seem to enjoy having him here to play with them.

Callum & Kerrie are enjoying life in London and are very busy with their work, although Callum also found enough time to join the local rugby club and loves playing for them regularly and has been moved up to their 1st team. They both recently enjoyed a skiing holiday and happily came back with no broken bones!

Warren enjoyed his long tour of Europe before Christmas, visiting so many countries and cities along the way. He also met a lovely Australian girl who became his girlfriend and who he is planning to visit in Brisbane this April and May. If all goes well, he is hoping to spend a full year in Australia from October – we just hope he remembers to come back!

Steve and I really enjoyed spending time with the entire family over Christmas, starting with Christmas dinner at Tiffany’s and then having the entire family back to us for Boxing Day. With Jacob being that much older now, it was great seeing him so excited about everything and loving opening all his presents too!

School holiday dates etc…   

The school Easter holiday dates are Monday 8th April through to Monday 22nd April inclusive. I will be working over the Easter holidays and have some availability so if you do need any cover please speak to me about that as soon as possible.

On Thursday 2nd May I will be taking the children to school in the morning but will then be closed for the rest of that day and will NOT be picking up after school.

Half-term is Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May inclusive and I will not be working on these dates.

The school is also closed for INSET days on Friday 28th June and Monday 1st July providing a nice ‘long weekend’. I will not be working these dates.

The main summer holidays run from Thursday 25th July to Tuesday 3rd September inclusive. I will be taking some holidays during this period and will confirm dates once we have booked.

Parking problems…

As you will all have seen by now, the house opposite us is having some work done which means there are frequently quite a number of workman’s vans and cars parked outside which means less space for the rest of us.

Please do be careful when picking up and dropping off not to block the road and to ensure you and the children are safe.

With so many parked vehicles outside there is always a danger of children walking into the road between vehicles with the dangers that brings, as we saw recently outside the school, and I really don’t want anything similar happening here.

My working hours…

I have been asked about opening slightly earlier in the mornings, from 0730, and also whether or not I would consider opening on Monday and Friday mornings. If any of you feel that these additional times would be beneficial, please let me know asap so that I can decide whether this is something that I should do.


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