Leadership & Management

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision

The childminder is completely dedicated to providing high quality childcare and education and strives for excellence. The childminder ensures that all members of the household who require checks have completed these. A thorough safeguarding policy is clearly understood by the childminder and ensures children’s well-being is never compromised. The childminder is committed to attend further training and regularly attends workshops. Keeping up-to-date with current practices has a positive impact on the outcomes for children. 

A strength of the childminder is her relationships with the parents and respect for diversity. As a result of having many opportunities to celebrate different festivals and traditional days, which are incorporated within the planning, children have an excellent understanding of other cultures and beliefs. 

The childminder consistently works hard to ensure communication systems for parents are varied and accessible. For example, she provides regular newsletters and hosts social gatherings in the evenings or weekends, for the parents and their children. As a result of excellent communication opportunities, the childminder is fully informed with regard to the children’s individual routines and developmental needs. 

Written and spoken references from parents indicate that they are extremely happy with every aspect of the care offered to their children. The provision of daily diaries for the babies and toddlers effectively informs parents of their day. Children’s developmental records are readily available to parents, who are encouraged to be actively involved in the initial and ongoing assessments of their children. 

The childminders enthusiasm, confidence and motivation to implement new ideas to further develop her setting enables the children to learn whilst having immense fun. Robust policies and procedures underpin the childminders practices. These are detailed within the prospectus for parents and are readily available within the policies file. 

Comprehensive and meaningful risk assessments that are regularly reviewed ensure the environment and activities, both indoors and outdoors, remain safe for children. An extensive and detailed written self-evaluation is readily available and regularly reviewed and, as a result, high quality care is continually offered to the children. Extensive and rigorous evaluation of the provision enables the childminder to identify good practice and areas for further development. 

The childminder strives to improve relationships with schools and other settings the children attend, to ensure transition from home to school is a positive experience. The childminder visits the children and their family, within their own home, before minding commences. As a result children happily leave their parents and settle well within the home.


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