Overall Effectiveness

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision

Overall the quality of the provision is Outstanding.

The childminder provides outstanding care for children in the Early years Foundation Stage, ensuring their safety and health is promoted to the highest standard. Children are exceptionally happy and settled as the childminder is dedicated to ensure their individual needs are supported. Excellent opportunities are in place to communicate with parents, carers and other early years practitioners and effective partnership enhances the children’s time at the childminders. The childminder values children’s uniqueness and great emphasis is given to inclusion. Excellent systems are in place for self-evaluation and continuous improvement as the childminder proactively seeks training opportunities to extend her knowledge and skills. 

What steps need to be taken to improve provision further? 

 To further improve the high quality early years provision the registered person should consider: 

  • develop opportunities for babies and younger children to explore and experiment with natural materials.

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