Quality & Standards

The quality and standards of the early years provision and outcomes for children

Children have many excellent opportunities to experience and explore different activities as the childminder offers a wide range of fun, learning experiences. For example, they make snowman collages, dress up, cook and play amongst the leaves in the forest. An inviting playroom is available to the children; their art work and photographs are proudly displayed here and around the home, which clearly demonstrate the wonderful time they have at the setting. 

An abundance of good quality toys and resources are available to the children. Some opportunities to explore and discover for themselves using natural materials and treasure baskets are available, enabling younger children to develop their curiosity and play without a purpose. 

Children are familiar with the daily routines and enjoy healthy snacks. They are encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for their own personal hygiene,such as, washing their hands before meals. The provision of prompt posters and photographs within the exceptionally clean bathroom, assists children in this process. Coat pegs and personal storage space along with a self-registration process creates a real sense of belonging. As a result, children are very confident and have good self esteem. 

Children learn how to keep themselves safe as the childminder has robust systems in place to ensure their safety at all times. Arranged visits to the home by the local police officer enable children to learn about the importance of caring for themselves within the environment, whilst having fun sitting in the police car and trying on the uniform. 

Excellent resources are available to the children who are able to initiate their own play and direct their own learning. They have many opportunities to socialise as the childminder regularly attends different groups such as toddlers or story time. Children have great fun visiting the beach, parks and a discovery centre. 

The garden is also well resourced and children enjoy sand and water play outdoors. They have fun looking for bugs using the magnifying glasses and growing vegetables. The childminder has developed excellent systems to record the children’s development using photographs and observations. Children’s progress and achievements are superbly documented in their own file and learning journals. Their next steps of learning are identified and supported to ensure they are sufficiently supported and/or challenged. 

Children feel safe and are comfortable within the childminders care as a result of her commitment to their safety and well-being. A fire evacuation plan is available and the children have a good understanding of the procedure to follow as a result of the regular fire drills which are regularly practised. The childminder is a calm role model for the children. The effective use of praise and positive reinforcement of good behaviour by the childminder ensures children’s behaviour is excellent. 

Children are provided with excellent opportunities to develop skills for the future, such as, the provision of different technology, computers and programmable toys. Children are able to develop their understanding of caring for their environment and others, as the childminder discusses with them issues such as the importance of recycling and how to grow vegetables.


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