Comments from parents and children

I am very lucky to receive many comments from the parents of the children that I look after in my setting as well as from the children themselves. I have listed a few below:

Parent: “I continue to be pleased with xxxx’s progress at Denise’s. She appears to be meeting all her goals. She continues to be exposed to new and challenging activities. She comes home every week happy & excited about her day’s activities and with Art work that she has done. It is lovely that Denise takes time to come and share xxxx’s journal…”
Parent: “Xxxx is showing great progression. He is showing signs that he is learning lots of new things. We are very happy with how he is progressing. We are looking at using our funding in April with Denise”
Parent: “Denise is simply an amazing child minder…I am very happy with my child’s care and the education she receives in all aspects. I could not be more happy with Denise. My child loves her and enjoys her time immensely”
Parent: “I love the fact that our daughter feels like it is a second home rather than a childcare facility. She is so well looked after and so happy.”
Child: “I love going to my childminder because she is lovely…”
Parent: “I used to be a child minder myself. My daughter really enjoys the afternoon she spends at her child minder’s. She is always bringing different ‘creative’ items home with her”
Parent: “I just had a nice feeling when I met her…Denise goes over and above to make sure our children are happy. She plans fun, educational activities and provides a warm, friendly and happy home environment where they feel comfortable.”
Parent: “We feel lucky to have found Denise as a child minder. She is extremely professional and takes a real pride in her work. My children love coming and being made to feel part of her family. They also enjoy the planned time to socialise with other children and all the super outings and activities they do. She is flexible and aims to please, making it all the easier for me to go to work!”
Child: “I like going to Denise’s because we all get to see all her children. She’s the best child minder!”

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